Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Here is the thing

Hubby hurt his back. He's home. All week.
He's being pretty good. I know he is hurting. I am trying to do all that needs to be done so he can rest his back. That my friends is wearing me out! I mowed the lawns yesterday, the a laundry, the dinner. I am beat. I went and got Derek's Halo 3 and I crashed at 10 pm. 5 am Dom's back is hurting, Derek is in our bed and wants to get up and play his game. So I was up making waffles at 5 am. Good Lord.
I have some homework, some research and reports due and I am too tired to even think about them.

So what's your thing this week?


Shauna said...

my husband was home for 2 weeks unable to do anything. Except go to football practice everyday. He talked the anesthesiologist (yes there was surgery) into giving him a spinal instead of general, got out of the hospital at 3 and went to coach a football game at 5. But he couldn't do anything like read bedtime stories or strenuous activities like that.
I like him much more now that he is back to work.

SaintAmyJane said...

My husband can't be home... we have too many things to pay!

Anyway I hope he feels better soon. x;)