Friday, September 28, 2007

Where have you been?

Did you miss me? Some of you probably haven't even noticed I have been MIA around these parts.
Well the hubby has been home all.week. with a bad back. And sadly (or happily) he's usually a BIG help around her but when he's sick or hurting I make him take it easy and boy does that put a dent in things. So I have been doing it all. Plus try as I might to keep him sedated and still that just means he's running ME around.

We have alphabetized the CD's this week (Yeah I know!) cleaned up Joseph's room (put the trucks away) I mowed the lawns, cleaned out the dresser, cleaned the stove, handled the kid pick up duties, handled the garbage duties. I am exhausted. Now I am not above doing these things. When he was deployed or on duty in the Army I did it all and did it pregnant.. twice. I dont know this week I have just been going and after me being sick last week I guess I am just tired.

Today I told him I must sit most of the day and do homework. Well after I cleaned up the kitchen from both meals, did laundry and a few other chores. I have rented him movies, got the boys video games and we hare hanging in thru the weekend.
He has a job interview next week for a different department and we are really hoping he can stand upright without grimacing and say "I am your man"

It seems there are a million stories to tell but it's time for me to get more meds in him. For those of you that REALLY know Dom you know he can be a goofey guy we'll you should hear him on Darvocet. Oh my goodness he's gets pretty goofey, it sends Joseph into big belly laughs.

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