Monday, September 10, 2007

I remember

I will always remember exactly where I was when on Sept. 11th. I turned the tv on and watched in horror as it all unfolded. I dropped Derek off at daycare and felt uneasy that I was leaving him. The world. My world no longer felt the same. And in the pit of my stomach I felt my life was never going to be the same. Boy was I right. Not to make light of the thousands of lives lost that one single day but I believe in the deepest parts of my soul that that day really was the point that caused other events to spin that lead to others.
We will never be the same and you know what we shouldn't. It should have changed us. It should have brought us together as a country. It should have made us loves those around us more deeply. It should have brought to light what is really important.
I will not live in fear. I will fly again. I will travel. I will not look lump all people of middle eastern heritage together. I will not let hate win. I haven't yet and I am not about to now.
So today once more hugs those around you a bit longer, say I love you more often, smile, sing, laugh, dance and love more often. I think the 3000 plus souls we lost that day would be hoping for that.

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