Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Sometimes a girl just needs flowers... I say this all the time to my boys. But sometimes all she really needs is a fancy soap dispenser.

You may think it's a silly idea. But oh no my friends. Have you SEEN my boys wash their hands? First they string water all over the counter. Then they will use 5 pumps of soap and then stick the hand with the soap under the water so the glob of soap just goes down the drain. It's silly. This dispenses the perfect amount of soap and can be adjusted for little hands or big hands, makes a nice little noise so they know when it's ok to pull their hand away and would be easy for oh I dont know those that don't have two fully functioning hands to deal with soap pumps. Say a 4 year old with Cerebral Palsy!?
In my day hand washing was a bar of Dial on the counter you had to pry it off everytime you washed your hand or a goopey mess of Dove or Ivory that got all black if you had really dirty hands. This.. this item would be heaven!

Yes it's $40 but I think it would be worth it. ( I sound like Ralphie from the Christmas Story movie and why I need a Red Rider Bee Bee Gun for Christmas) sigh. My husband will say it's silly. He will say he washed his hands just fine with a bar of Irsih Spring when he was young. But boy oh boy if only I had one of these babies I imagine my bathroom counter would be cleaner. I need to present it to him that way. He loves when the bathroom counter is clean. LOVES it! Wish me luck. The best I can hope for is he gets me one for our Anniversary. Right? Who needs flowers when all you really need is one of these. (Avilable at Sharper Image go check it out)

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