Friday, October 05, 2007

Hit me in the head

I have been at a few meetings this week. Phew. I am done looking at power point slides thanks bbye.
The bulk of the "meetings" have been about children with Special Needs. I told Dom this morning I get to a point that I want to just get off of the ride. But Joseph cant get off the ride so I stay on.
So much rolling around in my head about what was said. I just want to sit and chew on it. No time for that. Must make some decisions on the fly.

Simply put the million dollar question is "What would make you happy?" the rest will follow. The bottom line of it all is we are all in this together but it is our lives and no one is going to make you happy. Now I often think throughout the day "what would make Dominic or the boys happy today? a special meal or treat to come home to? a silly game at dinner? running an errand for daddy" things like that. But I am trying to do more things that would bring me peace and happiness and find peace and happiness in the things that those around me do. It ain't all about me all the time sweetheart. I get that.

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