Monday, October 08, 2007


I always have hope. I always keep it close to me. Sometimes I am barely hanging on to it but most of the time it's right here. Seems when life seems to be at it's darkest my hope is shining the brightest. Which then begs to question what is the difference between Hope and Faith? Hope and Prayer?

Lately Dom and I have some irons in the fire, we are walking around with all body parts crossed. Looking everywhere for signs. Will it all work out the way we hope? We have been through enough to know if it all doesn't work out right now there is probably a reason for it and we adjust fire and move on.

Yesterday a random conversation turned into a lengthy soul searching one. Hope shining brightly in my pocket. Hope I was able to pass on to someone else. I have little else of myself to give other than some of my hope.
I admire those that pick up dust themselves off and move on. I admire those that don't let set backs get them down for too long. I admire those that allow their lives to shrink in some ways but be so very full in so many others. Downsizing is a good thing. Readjusting your values is even better.
Take a moment and count your blessings will ya and don't forget sometimes if you just can't come up with anything you can always find a little Hope in the corner of your pocket. If not I'll give you some of mine.

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