Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My two cents

So where do you go to find some extra cash? What do you do when payday is days away and your pockets are empty and you need some gas money? a loaf of bread?
Yes the Pell Grant came thru but the check isn't here yet.
So I empty the piggy bank ($30 not bad) and I recycled my life away (cans and plastic bottles $12) and that paid for the San Francisco trip this weekend. We brought our own food and drinks and found a reasonable parking location and walked a few blocks (poor Joseph has a blister from the walking)
I think I did pretty well and for those nay sayers just come with me sometime and see how I swing it in SF on less than $100!

I was talking to a friend she said she never thought she would be where she is today. Amen. The same conversation could have taken place with several other friends pick one, she and I have never talked like this before. She has never known my deep dark secrets and I have never known hers. I told her about my coupon obsession, my piggy bank, my cans and bottles.

Just wondering if there is anything else out there I can be doing? I have sold some old toys the boys have outgrown on Amazon and we have sold some old baby furniture on Craigslist. So give me the goods, how do you get some cash flowing in the positive direction? I think we could all use some tips.

(NOTE Please not Cash Check/ Cash Advance submissions I think we all know what horrible places those are! real good ideas that are good for us.)


DickTracy said...

I use the simple logic of living within my means...
every dollar counts sometimes, especially after paying all the bills :)

try sitting down seriously and putting it all down on paper and cutting the subscriptions that you DO NOT NEED. (eg- cut some channels on your cable package, cut down on services like ADT or any other monthly subscription)

refinance your car (you could save atleast 50-60 bucks a month)

best regards

Balancing Act; Jenn said...

Maybe officially take 1-2 kids on before and after school; no more than 2 though. I don't know what the going rate is there but here you could earn an extra $75 a week for something like that. That's $300 a month. You wouldn't have them all day and you'd still have the freedom to get done what you need to get done...

If you like the idea, I can get with my sister who did this for about four years (although she had a lot more than 1-2). She can give you tips, things to watch for, outline for the contract, whatever you need.

Worth a try. Might be a little bit more hard work but who said earning $$ was ever easy? No one I know!

Love you.