Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random for Thursday

Not in any order, I am all over the map here, join me.

-- Just made the boys graham crackers and powder sugar frosting for dessert. Yum. When was the last time you had that? Grandma use to make it for me after school as a treat. She use to mix cocoa powder in it. Sadly I am out. Go on make some!

--I told Joseph we had to go pick up the pizza (it's cheaper, no tip and I get a free 2 liter of soda if I pick it up) he was not happy, he did not want to go, he likes to hand the pizza man the money. I said they did not deliver. (it was a lie, I know) so we get to the pizza place and he see's the bags that they put the pizza in when they deliver pizza and he says "See mama" and then outside he see's the car with the sign on top "MAMA" he says in a growly voice "THEY DELIVER MAMA. I TOLD YOU" dang that kids is smart!

-- One of the tad poles has two legs and two feet now! The other... I don't know what the deal is no feet, no legs, nothing. But we got one with two feet now. Won't be long he'll be jumping. That should add big fun to the cleaning out the tad pole container. So looking forward to that.

-- In other tad pole news. I had a container that I put the buggers in when I cleaned out their little bowl thing. I marked on it FROGS. So my mom and my aunt Esther were watching the boys the other night so I could go to a meeting. We had left over birthday cake for Dominic and I told them to have some cake. We had so so much. So the next day my aunt says she got the container that says FROGS on it and asked me if that was what I put the frogs in when I clean them. GULP! I swear I washed that thing a million times. I am paranoid of catching some weird frog disease and I clean it all with bleach every time. So I am sure she's fine... but if she grows another leg or something I had nothing to do with it.

-- I would really like a bulldog as my dog of choice. When the time comes. That is just my choice.

-- Joseph's therapist has a daughter that is Derek's age. She plays soccer on a traveling competivitive team and is pretty darn good. So her dad said if she got 5 goals in one game she could have the puppy she has asked for for over a year now. Last month she did it, 5 goals in one game! The puppy's name is Score (get it) and he's a Boxer/Beagle mix (A boggle I am not even kidding) and Tuesday night he chewed up their wii. So I am telling Derek the story and he says "Sam has a puppy and a wii?!"
Well yeah but it chewed up the Wii. Get it? He did not get it. Should have kept THAT story to myself.

Ok bath and homework time.

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Anonymous said...

As you and I have known each other for a very long time, I have words of wisdom for you. For go the dog. One dog turns to two dogs and before you know it.... well you know my mom. I have a really big.. Huge.... GIGANTIC FUNNY to tell you..It's about dogs