Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Won't forget this... but just in case.

I went to a "Transitions" meeting last night for Joseph. I got to meet teachers and therapist and psychologist to figure out what is the best course of action for Joseph next year. To decide what to do before we write up his IEP for next year. He'll be 5 in July. So the obvious choice is Kindergarten. Have you seen the current California standards for Kindergarten? It's no longer nap and cookie time. Some of the things they want him to be able to master before entering Kindergarten he can do... some but not at, not by any means. By the end of Kindergarten they want him to be able to read ( I honeslty think he might be able to do that) and write two sentances based on what he read. I think he could tell you what he read but writing is still hard for him (fine motor skills).
I left the meeting more confused than ever about that to do next year. We have a few weeks to decide but just a few and they'll go fast.
He loves to draw and we spend many an afternoon and evening drawing. I took these pics today during our most recent drawing session. I don't want to forget these hands. So small in such strange configurations. I don't want to forget all that he is able to do still with his hands like this. Spend an hour a day using just one of your hands. Pull of you pants. Put on your socks. Scoop ice cream. Zip your jacket. Write your name on a piece of paper without holding the paper down with one hand. Take a picture with a camera. (Not only does he do most of these things with one hand every day the world is a right handed places he has to compensate.) Try starting your car using your left hand and only your left hand. Please try one of these things so you will see how life is and might always be for Joseph and millions of kids like him.
He has an appointment with Shriners in May. I have talked to mothers of hemi kids and they have told me of several procedures that their children have had done and have been very pleased with how very wonderful Shriners is. Yes I have researched some of them and the end result is amazing and I cannot imagine these hands not looking like this but if they can be more functioning for him then, bring it on. But for now these are the hands he has and he does amazing things with them that I will never forget.

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