Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I spent an hour and half in the math lab today with my new math tutor Christopher. I love Christopher. Yes I am old enough to his mother. No matter he's a MATH major headed to UOP. I puffy heart Christopher. I shall snap his photo the next time we meet and you shall see glorious Christopher and you shall love him too. He helped me figure out this one "issue" I have been having for some time now.

I have a small project due Friday, I have to get caught up on my online class and I have an Algebra test tomorrow.
It will all be over by 2 pm tomorrow and then I can sort of relax for a few days. ahhh.
Plus I am going to the dentist tomorrow. FINALLY. I cannot wait. CANNOT. WAIT! I have never in my life been so darn happy to go to the dentist. But to be on the road to getting this darn tooth fixed makes me very, very happy.

Ok I m gonna go hit the books.

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