Saturday, April 12, 2008

How do you find it?

When you're getting married and your the bride to be you try on lots of wedding dresses. They will tell you that when you find the "one" you just know it. On my 4th shop I was getting ready to settle and the one that wasn't really the one , well it could be the ok one. My aunt took me to this tiny shop in downtown Pleasanton and the lady asked me a lot of questions about what I wanted, what I liked etc., etc., and she brought out this Italian Silk dress and I put it on and low and behold, I knew it was the one. It was the dress I wanted Dom to see me in. It was the dress I wanted to be married in. sigh.

So now that same boy and I are searching for our first home to buy. We have seen some we have really liked and again I find myself saying, we could make this the one.
Today we saw one that sure felt like it might be...shh... the one. Well see.
It had more good qualities than bad you know what I mean? I think we can get the price way down from where it is, for sure. But every house I walk up to I find myself saying "Is this going to be the one?" I guess we'll just know when we put it on.

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