Friday, April 11, 2008

Hello World

Today, well today I did too much and sadly I feel like I didn't do much it very well. I hate those days.
I got my hair cut, colored it, swam a few laps at the gym, got a new top at Target for $3.48. (beat that! and it's orange my new fav color for the summer I think)
Took the boys for slurpees, did some laundry, talked to my mother in law and haven't seen or spoken to my hubby all day and that makes nearly 2 full days and that my friend NEVER happens. And I do not like that at all!
I had a conversation vie email with Val that went round in circles and sigh, didn't make either of us feel very well. But we worked it out and it is what it is.
I am done running around town. The boys are munching out watching Spongebob drinking the slurpees, the weekend is on it's way. Dom has tonight off it's all good.
It will only get better from here.

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