Thursday, April 03, 2008

Oh Man

I have a horrible headache. Tylenol didn't do the trick. Man.
I overslept again. I was late for class but I made it. UGH. Then I went to the gym and swam my laps. My shoulders are so sore. Last summer when I started swimming I had the sore shoulder thing so I have to get them reconditioned again. Should have never stopped the swimming.
Dominic and I ran some errands just the two of us. That is the best. The mornings are rough on him and the evenings are rough on me but the afternoons just the two of us are the best. Just hanging out eating lunch uninterrupted looking at the paper or houses together is so nice. I am gonna miss that when I go back to work.

Joseph has watched the Alvin and the chickmunk movie 4 times since he got it Tuesday night. Silly but fun.

I will not buy the new Madonna video on iTunes. I will watch it later. I will not buy it today.
I am off to get rid of this headache so I can do my Algebra homework.

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