Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Alphabet for today (or 26 things on my mind)

Algebra (the final is tomorrow at 8 am)
Botox (for Joseph on his wrist. Yes? No?)
C (just a c in algebra is all I need)
D (please not a D)
Everyone pray
F (goodness not an F)
Goofy hubby makes me laugh all day long
Hubby cleaned the shower today I love him.
Idol winner tonight. I know who it will be. I wish it was Cook.
June is around the corner and the year will be half over.
Kleenex all over Derek's room poor sneezy boy.
Laying down for a nice nap would be great.
More studying is needed.
Notes. 1 sheet is all you get for tomorrows final make them good.
Oh I hope it's a nice easy test.
P (Potluck in my class today was fun and the food was so good)
Quite boy is never a good thing.
R ed Wings shall win the cup.
Stanley Cup playoffs this weekend. Can't wait.
T (Taco Bell for dinner please Joseph's request)
Underwear on the kitchen floor. Joseph strikes again. UGH
Volvo is my dream car.
Wedding plans for my cousin. Starting to really be real to me that it's finally here for her!
X-pect (hee hee) good things and they will come right?
You all need to send me every good Algebra mojo you have my way 8 am.
Zee end is near.

Ha! It was silly. But I had to get my mind off of Algebra for a bit.

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