Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why? Why? Why?

** Why is it that my 10 year old cannot eat a banana like the rest of the world? No he is requesting that it be cut up, put into a bowl and that he shall us a fork to eat it. Banana's are the best food ever because usually they do not require any work at all! I am so happy he's eating a fruit I cut it, I put it in a bowl and I gave him a fork.

** Why is it when you're in a hurry your husband decides today is the day he will hug and kiss you and proclaim his love for you as you are dashing out the door? Then you are late to pick up the kids. Then they will want to know if your forgot about them and where were you and did you bring treats since you were late? Any other day hubby would leave with hardly a word and any other day the kids would be late getting out of class. Not today. Thanks honey. Gee whiz.

Today was my first day with out class. I had nothing to do, yet I got so much done. I even organized my spoons. I made the beds, I did the laundry, I went to the post office and read a magazine without quilt and I intend to read another one tonight. I might even read a book for my summer class (just to get ahead of the game)

Ok hockey talk.. skip it if you want to... I am talking all kinds of smack around here. I say that Detroit shall win in a sweep and it will be a shut out. Pittsburgh will not win a single game (what a sweep means for you non sports fans) and will not score a single goal (the shut out part) My dear sweet husband (see above paragraph) says I am crazy. Ha! I say it shall happen. Let's see. I am prepared to eat my hat or a hockey puck or a jug of Gatorade or whatever any Pittsburgh fan would like me to eat shall I be wrong. BUT if I am right... hmm I think hubby shall wear Detroit red undies for a whole week. Whaddya think?

Did I tell ya I watched Juno this weekend? There was some boo ha ha (is that right?) because it dealt with teen pregnancy and it was glorifying so I had to check it out. I did not think it was glorifying it at all. I thought it was pretty good and the girl "Juno" was funny as heck.

Ok go read Jane she's in the link on the right. Read her current woes and find her Hamster story. Funny stuff.
I am gonna go read that magazine.

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