Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Working on a project

Have you seen me lately? (Don't answer that?) Something has happened to my cuteness. I mean after a certain age it does go away and you're not "cute" any more. But even my "good" quota has slipped. I am not sure what has happened. My body has been going through these changes lately, I hardly recognize it most days. Between school and Dom's schedule and the boys I think some parts of me come in dead last.

So starting today I begin "Cute Factor Project Launch"
My mom she is almost 60 and she's cute. My mother in law she's 62 and she's cute.

I saw Kelly Ripa today and she's my age and gosh darn it she's darn cute.

So I got my hair cut today. Project 1 done.
Going to color it later in the week.
Not sure where I am going from there but it's a project.

You have any summer projects? A tan? (Not very good for you but a bit a glow is ok) growing your hair out? Going to cut it off? Come on my Butterflies let us transform.


Anonymous said...

Tammy, Aunt Sue here, yes do it, do it, do it..... put some gloss on those lips, color on your cheeks and I guarantee it will put a spring in your step!! It is so easy to get out of the habit of doing that kind of stuff daily but you will feel better about yourself, trust me:) Have I ever greeted you first thing in the morning at my front door?????????

Jill Dose said...

I'm growing my fingernails. It's been a month. It's hard, they look so delicious...