Monday, September 15, 2008

The CP boy.

Clifford came to school today. Joseph really liked it. He said it was so cool. He was pretty excited to have Clifford there.
I watch him on the playground alot. I watch him when he's in line with the others. I wonder what the other parents see or think or about that boy with the back pack struggling to carry it and his lunch box and his jacket all with one hand. Do they see him struggle like I do? Do they notice his arm is tight today? Early morning's do that. Do they see him at the end of the day melting before our eyes?
Do they know he's having trouble with the homework? What do they know? How will they see him if they knew?
They want him to work on his handwriting. So we work. Boy is it work. Straight lines are hard. They will give him till second grade WOW. So Botox comes up again. Should we do that? Maybe we should. I have the number of a mother who's son has had botox at Shriner's. I have not called her. I have had her number for months now.

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Anonymous said...

I have to be honest. I don't think anyone thinks he is struggling as much as you do. You see him trying to do, carry, say all those things everyday. Everytime I have seen him he is active, healthy, alert.."normal" to the outside eye. Sure he is going to struggle with backpacks and jackets, but getting through those things is going to give him the "yes i can" attitude. Think positive :)