Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How did you sleep?

As if sleep was not difficult enough for me to obtain these days, last night I added rapists and vampires to the mix.
A friend's mother was raped several years ago. The man is scheduled for parole soon and she has asked for letters for the parole board. So I am reading up on the case (grusome) since I was 6 and don't remember the details and started writing my letter. I put the boys to bed and read my Twilight book for awhile and I got to the part where Edward hangs out in Bella's room at night while she sleeps. How he slips in unnoticed and watches her.
It was sweet and wonderfully romantic but...sort of gave me the creeps.

So lights off and I get into the bed and the 12 MILLION cats we have in the court now are running all over the place and doing night time cat things which freaked me out. Finally I fall asleep and Joe starts coughing and then his foot is hot and it needs the fan on just his foot. NO not his on his uncle (his ankle) just his foot. No not that foot, this foot. Ok Ok Ok I need Tylenol and water. No cold water with an ice cube. He's unhappy and he wants huggies and rub my foot and hold my head. sigh. Meanwhile Derek and Daddy are snoring away.

I was wide awake at 5 am and Dom sent me back to bed. I tossed and I turned and I heard the garbage trucks. Finally I am asleep and I am dreaming that I am at school and I have two papers due and I have not done them and I am late for class and I am walking so slowly and I am trying to run but I cannot my legs won't move. sigh. Dom called at 7:15 to make sure I was awake to get Derek ready for school and here it is 8:30 and I don't know what to do with myself.
So tonight .... I am going to bed first. Dom can deal with the boys and the vampires and the cats. I need a good night's sleep and he's already agreed to help.
Did you sleep well?

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