Thursday, September 25, 2008

Friday... I see you....

Phew thank goodness it's Thursday. Friday is just a few hours away.
Today is another busy day for me. I have another observation today for my class. I enjoy these days but it makes my plate even fuller.

Lately my mantra has been "I am so tired. I am so tired" playing over and over in my head but I am going to stop that. I think it's not helping.
I went to bed at just a bit after 9 last night. Dom took over night duties and I slept pretty well until just after 7. So I was thinking/hoping today I would feel outstanding. So not the case. I feel better than yesterday but not the wide awake I thought I should/would be. Maybe I need a few more nights of sleeping like I did last night. I think have 10 years of crappy sleep to make up for. This could take awhile.

So I think I am going to talk to my doctor about it. Yes I am taking my iron maybe I need to bump that up. Maybe it's something more. Yes I have a lot on my plate but lots of people do, that's life and I don't want to skip out on the things I am doing because I am too tired, what's the point in that? I am pretty sure this can be fixed.
Dom always says "Ill sleep when I am dead" and sleep does feel so very good sometimes but so does life. I don't want to sleep my life away I dont think that's the whole point of being here.

Yesterday when I was picking Joseph up his teacher asked "Can I talk to you?" don'tcha love that? gulp. So we go and we sit in the little chairs and she tells me Josephs fine motor skills are really an issue (yes tell me something I don't know!) and that he's silly. A lot. sigh.
So he needs to not be so silly in class. So we talked to him about it and I am sure he can get it under control. I think he just gets there with his friends and he gets silly. How many times have I talked to the boys teachers in the last 3 weeks? How many times have I been blinded by the "Can we talk?" UGH! I am kind of over that for a few weeks thanks. I mean I want to communicate with his teachers and know what's going on but it's been a lot lately. Derek is doing much better. His grades are improving his work is better. We got his eyes checked and we have to get him some glasses. We are just waiting for the insurance company to decide what they will pay for and what they won't. So maybe glasses will help him. Now to get the silliness out of Joe.
Ok I am off see ya Friday.

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