Friday, September 26, 2008

Tracy High Class of 1988

Who's that girl?

This is the weekend of my high school reunion. My 20th class reunion. At first I was pretty excited about it, but truth be told when it came time for it to actually take place... the excitement was lost.

I guess there are some friends I would like to see again. Most of them won't be there I am sure. I cannot imagine there is anyone that will want to see me. The dinner is $65 per person and that is a steep price to pay for dinner. So I am not going.
There is a small get together tonight I am going to go to. Wish me luck. I am so not the girl I was in high school in so many ways. I am not the size 3 I was. I don't have all that hair. I don't dress as stylish. I am not as shy. I am the writer I thought I would be. I don't drive a Jeep or a Mustang. I did marry someone older than me and he's not a farmer and I was pretty sure in high school I had that much figured out.
Never would have imagined I would be a Stay At Home Mom and still in college and still living in Tracy but life is what it is.
So I guess I'll go find out how my classmates turned out. As long as everyone is happy and healthy I think that is really saying something.

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