Sunday, September 28, 2008

My head.

It's 9:30 on a Sunday night. This weekend has really messed with my head.
This whole reunion thing really sent me for a loop.
Seems everyone had a great time. I have lots to say about that but not here, not now, not yet.
The state of the economy and our home loan and what does that all mean? I am looping about.
Off hand comments that weren't meant to bite me but they did. Let it go? Soon.
Juggling of schedules I just can't seem to ever get a handle on that I must figure out for the week ahead.

I am envious of others. Damn it I hate when that happens. Let it go.
I am the only one that make these things better. It's in my hands.
I must continue on this path and not be distracted by shiny objects that are closer in the mirror than they appear.

I got a great outfit for my cousins wedding and we will all look really good and have a good time. I mean it.
Ok I am going to put my boys and my head to bed.
Things will be easier to deal with tomorrow.

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