Friday, September 19, 2008

One of THOSE days.

Yesterday was one of those days. My plate was full and at the last minute here and there I found myself squeezing other things on to it. sigh. By the end of it all I was so tired I could not see straigth and almost too tired to sleep. Today I am dragging about but... I have a plate today too.
Not that these days are stressful or anything just lots of going and doing involved along with the things I had to do (take the boys to school, be an school site for an observation, meet my study group) along the way things get put in like, put some gas in my car, oh now I have to stop and find a bathroom and oh lets grab a cool drink before I meet my study group and dinner for the hungry gang at home. I often forget to factor in driving time, miscellaneous stops, bathroom breaks stuff like that.
Today not as busy but I can see how at the last moment some things could be added and I am armed and ready for it.
It's not crazy stressful busy, it's good busy. It's happy busy stuff and that's all good.
I think I like fall best it seems so crisp so cooling from the long hot days of summer and to me it's the best change of it, it's the freshness of it more so than spring, good things always happen in the fall for me, I am ready.

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