Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Always amazes me.

We had parent teacher conferences this week. Dominic and I speak with the boys teachers often. We were not really expecting any surprises. We know where the boys stand. At least we thought we did. Derek has been having some trouble this year. Really "struggling" to get a hold on 5th grade. Not doing well with geography (this saddens me I enjoy geography) having some trouble in math. We were expecting his grades to be lower than we'd like but we are working it. Turns out the boy is so good in writing and reading and health participation that he was able to even the low grades he got in math and pull it all out for a 3.0 and make honor roll. Yes his teacher counted it up 3 times. We were left sitting there with our mouths open. For the first time ever the boy his teacher was talking about sounded like "my son" and not "Dom's son" doing well with writing and his reading, struggling with his math.
So he made his goal to make honor roll. Good job!

Joseph's conference was no surprise either. He's doing well.

But now my Joe is sick (again!) and when he's sick he's not my happy Joe. He's grumpy and unhappy at the drop of a hat. We went back to the doctor today and are on more meds so hopefully we can kick this and be well for awhile.

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