Sunday, October 12, 2008

So Much Fun.

Dom and I had such a good time last night. Dom's cousin Mark turned 40 last night and his wife threw a wonderful party. It was at the Gordon Biersch Brewery which is an awesome place. I would highly recommend it for a night out on the town.

Dom's other cousin's son Mitchell came over and hung with the boys last night so we could go out. The boys were so excited to have their cousin over for the evening they were super good all day yesterday. We got them a pizza, a pan of brownies and hit the road.

It was a perfect mix of great food, good beer, great family and friends and the hockey game on the big screen the whole time for us to keep on eye on the score.
We had a chance to catch up and visit with family we don't see often enough.

Mark is the guy that will give you hockey tickets he's not using. He's the one buying dinner, he's the one making sure everyone is having a good time. Last night it was his turn to be taken care of it and he was out of his element for sure. It was a great way for all of the people he's always taking care of to show him how much we love him. His brother came down from Washington, his best friend from Reno came, family from Los Banos showed up. It was a great group. The food, oh I can't even begin to describe the food! Not to mention the carrot cake it was to die for!

It was nice to get out without the boys for an evening. To hang out with my hubby for an evening. It was nice to be with a great group of crazy people we call "family".

The birthday boy Mark and Dominic.
Mark's Brother Bobby, Dominic and Mark.

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