Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crazy family

There is a family in our court I'll call...the Coppers. They are so much fun to have around.
A few days before Halloween they cut the tree down in the front yard. About 5 pm they just went and cut it down. Not all the way down, just to stump that stuck up about 3 ft in the yard. I was always afraid one of the kids was going to get hurt on it and my kids kept away from it for the most part. There is stood that 3 ft cut off stump in the yard. Along with two orange traffic cones, a computer chair a rake and a shovel, a cardboard box and whatever you can imagine. sigh.
Today the father decided the stump had to be removed. So he began to cut. Then he put a chain on the stump and attached it to his truck. The tires began to smoke and the stump did not budge. He moved the truck into various positions as if to loosen the stump. The stump did not move.
Now he has some sort of grinding machine and he's going to town. Making an awful mess and lots of noise and filling the court with saw dust. The neighbor next door washed his truck this morning and now it's covered in a fine coat of saw dust.
Who needs cable when you live in this court? I am sure this stump removal will lead to Christmas decorations being put up. Heaven knows what they have planned. Two neighbors side by side put up identical decorations down to lining the yard with red lights in the same pattern. It's so odd to me that they both did that.
I got some Egg Nog at the store today I think I'll get my lawn chair and watch the events unfold.

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Balancing Act; Jenn said...

Oh this just cracks me up! This is hilarious stuff, I know you have to be making it up. I am not someone who stands by the window peeking out but if I lived near a neighbor like that, I think I would be that person just in sheer utter curiosity to see what comes next. Funny, funny stuff Tamika. Wonder if he thought the truck trick would really work? -still giggling...