Thursday, November 06, 2008

Here we go.

Needless to say our anniversary was one for the record books. After the previous day's tire issues to find our car had been hit and our cell phones dead with tow trucks and insurance and police to call it made it challenging to say the least. Another thing to go wrong, to deal with, tempers flaring, frustration at it all, hurtful phrases through gritted teeth dropped about it was dangerous territory. It causes other things to spin it's more than a bent up car. It brings other things to light. Not fun. We tried to salvage what we could to mark 14 years together so we put on the CD to dance to our song and don't you know it skipped and jumped through the whole song. Par for the course as they say (that's a golf term right?)
We gave it all up and went to bed. Sleep was badly needed by all!

Today seems better. I spent a good half hour feeling sorry for myself and generally pretty pissed off that it seems we can't catch a break. But then a parent from the school called and it appears we might be able to find this lady. We'll see... what is it they say about Hope? It springs eternal or something like that.

WebMD says I have Strep (white spots on throat no other cold symptoms) goes away on it's own in 3 to 7 days. Suck it up I think. Advil and tea are helping.

I want to stay in the house today and not go near anything vehicle related. Joseph feels the same he wants to just skip a day. While I would love to keep him home an afternoon to myself sounds grand!
So hang on and see how the next 14 years of marriage goes for the Giardina's, you've managed to stay this long, here we go.

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