Friday, November 07, 2008

I got this in an email from a good friend today. This happened in my home town with real people names you may know. I think of my mother and my aunt. Be careful everyone.

I wanted to send out this important information, not for reply or sympathy, but to make EVERYONE aware and cautious when you are out ~!!

At about 4:45pm I was getting into my car at Chevron off of Corral Hollow and 11th St. when a guy slid into my driver side next to me. He told me to be quiet and that he had a gun in my back. I looked at him in the face and questioned what he was doing ( using verbage I won't repeat in this e-mail ) !! He said it again, to move over - hand over my stuff- and that he had a gun and he wasn't kidding !!

Angels are always among us.... luckily while I was battling ( physically and verbally) with this guy, a gentleman ~ Brian Henry pulled up along side on my passenger side. It spooked the guy, he grabbed my phone and took off running. I screamed to everyone to get him and the response was phenomenal ~!!

Two other people, Carrie Dehart and Joseph Pietrzykowski, took off in their truck and followed him. Brian asked if I was all right and told me to stay calm, he had already called 911 and people were chasing after him ~!! There was also another off-duty officer, Mark Garcia, who also witnessed the suspect running away.

Luckily, Joseph was able to catch up to him and keep him detained until the Tracy Police arrived !! Officers Brian Azevado and Brian Wilmshurst responded immediately and efficiently. They said he has known gang affiliations, but he is now in custody.

I THANK GOD, that my children were not with me and that the timing of all of the above wonderful individuals was perfect ~!!

Please, please..... be very cautious and very aware when you are out running errands, shopping, getting gas ~ especially with the Holiday Season upon us !!

Thank GOD for Angels ~ those we can't see, and those we meet !!

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Angie Funches said...

You sound like a woman with her hands full! I hope things start smoothing out for you and that maybe you and your husband can retry your anniversary night. Have you found the lady that hit your car yet?