Saturday, November 08, 2008

An update

The damages to our car came to (the estimate that is) $3496. Among the damages to our hood, grill and head light, she damaged the cooling system (compressor, radiator).

I have information from the witnesses that she may live in the Hidden Lake area and maybe own a business in town that would put her in the shopping center on Tracy Blvd/Grant Line corner where Big Lots is. So we might just "see" that darn Hummer there. I gave what I have to the police so we'll see if they find her.
She needs to "pay" for what she has done. If she is driving without an license or insurance then she needs to pay for that. She left the scene of a "crime" she needs to pay for that. She damaged our property, she needs to pay for that.

We may never see our dectuable.. that has happened to us before I have almost swallowed that. But the other things she has done she needs to pay for.

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