Monday, November 10, 2008

I am a bit obsessed.

I have spent MOST of the day trying to find a yellow hummer. Should be easy enough right? Trying to see it with my own eyes again. Today the very lady that hit my car might have showed up in a different car, might have stood next to me at the school, and what could I say? Would she deny it? Probably. I looked into the eyes of a school employee who felt her hands were tied that she could not tell me I was on the right track and left her there chewing on her quilt. If she hit my car and took off what will keep her from hitting yours? Or a child?
I have addresses and names and nothing. I have driven by houses and business and I have nothing. I have cars and plate numbers and nothing. I have a crashed up car $500 less to buy a home than I did this time last week and still nothing. I have police who tell me they are busy and have other cases. I have an insurance company that can't do anything but pay for repairs and close the claim.

I just want her to do the right thing. I just want her to pay for the damages, that's it. The fact that she might have bigger things to deal with because she left the scene has nothing to do with me, the fact that she might have removed the note from my car has nothing to do with me that is between her and the District Attorney.
But I have nothing.
You took my time, you took my money and you damaged our property, how do you repay me for that?

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