Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hey how ya doin?

It's so hard to be really happy for someone when you have had the crap week and they have had the best luck ever. Really. hard. I am not good like that. I should be but I am not.

I am so tired of that darn Turkey up there. I shall change him soon.

I wanted to say that since I have been taking my special Celexa for almost 2 months now I have 1) Had only 2 headaches and they came the same time a small cold came and some womanly stuff (if you know what I mean) 2) My tooth that I need a root canal has not hurt at all. I think I am not sleeping with my teeth clenched and there for it's not hurting but I am not a dentist so who knows. 3) I have had some crazy, crazy vivid wild dreams. Woo hoo! Not bad dreams just very vivid, very crazy.

You may blame the current heat wave in the No Cal area on me. I put the flannel sheets on the beds. I know, I know I am sorry. I thought it was time. I was ready I am sorry. I am so sorry. Sorry.

The boys are good, Joseph will be having a Christmas program that will make you die it's so cute. They have been practicing and goodness me it's CUTE! Derek's xbox is on it's way to Texas for repairs meanwhile has decided to be Tony Hawk so every day he goes out and does crazy things on his bike and every day he comes in with a crazy new scratch. sigh. Dom is good. Our car is still in the shop and the crazy Hummer cannot be found. I see the lady but cannot put it all together and it makes me want to lay down so I am not going to talk about it today. Thankyouverymuch.

Ok so now some links for you to enjoy. ahem.

This guy is very very funny. Love him. Go read him especially the about part where he calls his wife the Queen. Love it.

This link is all kinds of creepy and
yet I cannot look away...

Oh and going back to the first paragraph... this is what my horoscope said for today...

The big changes coming into your life are coming -- be patient! As excited as you might be for them, you can't rush them before their time. If you do, you run the risk of becoming too overwhelmed too soon -- and then they won't be as much fun as you thought they'd be. They'll just be a bunch of headaches. So let things unfold on their natural timetable. It might be torture to do so, but you can get through it. Distract yourself with fun social outings -- that always helps!

Ok I like that.
I am off to do some homework.

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