Thursday, November 13, 2008

High School Football So Cal Style

So get this. 1 high school in Southern California has Joe Montana's son, Wayne Gretzky's son and Will Smith's son all on the same team. Holy Cow!
From Yahoo News.

There's one thing coach Bill Redell doesn't worry about: When his quarterback leaves practice, he doesn't go home to a crazed dad giving bad throwing tips.
No, when Nick Montana peels off his uniform and sits down to dinner, he's in decent company.
Nick Montana has lead Oaks Christian to a RivalsHigh 100 ranking."When he goes home and talks to his father, he's not talking over his games with some accountant," Redell said. "The guy has played the position before, you know."
Yeah, you could say that. Joe Montana, Nick's dad, played the position in the NFL about as well as anyone ever has.
Since transferring from California powerhouse De La Salle (Concord) High this summer, Montana has learned the Lions' system faster than Redell expected.

And when the Lions start postseason play next week, they'll get a boost from their freshman/sophomore team. A couple guys named Smith and Gretzky will join the varsity.
Like Montana, most people have heard of their dads, Will and Wayne. One acts. The other was a hockey player.

Sophomores Trey Smith and Trevor Gretzky, though, are a receiver and quarterback, respectively. And they're pretty good.

"I'm not thinking either of them will play a major role in the playoffs," Redell said, "but they'll be big for us next year."

That'll be Montana, Gretzky and Smith on one field.

So, no, Redell isn't worrying about bad influences at home. He's worrying about paparazzi.

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

OK that is REALLY cool! I want my kids to go to that school! LOL