Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pomegranate Jelly

Have I told you about my pomegranate jelly hunt? My aunt Kat use to make pomegranate jelly and my oh my it was heaven in a mason jar baby. Oh how I loved a nice warm biscuit and some pomegranate jelly. Aunt Kat passed away almost 15 years ago and I have not had any pomegranate jelly since. I have tried to find some but I cannot. I am nervous to buy any off the Internet, what if it doesn't taste right? I found some mixed berry along with pomegranate jam at Trader Joe's and it so was not even close.
I wouldn't even dare to make my own but I tell ya I am tempted. sigh. In the mean time I'll keep searching. Let me know if you ever find any.

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