Friday, November 21, 2008

One of those long days.

Yesterday was one of those long days. Joseph had an appointment at Shriners in Sacramento. We had to be there at 8:30am so we hit the road about 6:30. We waited an hour and half to see the doctor. Joseph was so good. So very good. Finally after 10 am the doctor got to us. We have scheduled Joseph for his botox infections in January. I am excited to see what we accomplish with these injections. I am nervous yes but trying to really focus on the positive about all of this. He'll be getting a very small amount infected into his thumb, wrist and forearm and we'll be using an E Stim Machine while he manipulates things at home. This procedure will give us a good idea how well a tendon transplant will do for him down the road. It will also (hopefully)give Joseph a wider range of motion, the ability to use both hands and maybe put on a glove, zip a jacket or tie shoes. The possibilities are endless. Or it might not work at all. But I am hopeful.

reading and waiting

We finished up at Shriners about 11 and we were starving so we headed to Chik Fila in Elk Grove. We don't have any Chik Fila's nearby so this was a nice treat. They had a play place for Joe, sweet tea for me and a guy in a cow costume and brownie samples for Dominic.

We made it back to Tracy about 2 and I dropped Dom and Joe off and headed back to Stockton for my 4 pm class (after I put gas in my car). I got to class and Dom called and said there was a house to look at at 5. I left class early and drove back to Tracy. Looked at the house with the boys (it was a cute house but not for us) So now it's about 6 pm so we headed to the mall for dinner and haircuts for the boys. After haircuts we headed home for showers (eww hair clippings) and homework. After homework and reading we finally shut our eyes at 11pm and I am still tired. UGH.

Today is the Turkey trot for the boys at school and the Friendship salad in Joe's class and the Honor Roll picnic for Derek. Then after school it's off to Costco. Busy. Lord don't let be as busy as yesterday I need a break! I would really like to spend the next 10 days reading a good book, studying for my finals and just hanging out. Dom has decided the next 10 days would be good to work a bunch of overtime. So of course I feel guilty just hanging out while he works his butt off for us to have a nice Christmas, put the money back that we used from our house money for the deductible for our car and the new tires. I hope to give the house a good fall cleaning this weekend and read and study and sleep. Oh yes some sleep would be good.
I can't show you Joe's hair till everyone see it's on Thursday. I will say ... he loves it... me not so much. sigh.
Ok I am off to start my Friday... I am gonna need some more coffee.

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Meilan said...

Hi! I stumbled upon you randomly... Your little boy is so handsome! I too was born with CP, a mild case compared to most.... My husband's name is Derek and I have a little boy named Dominic Joseph. I thought the similarities were neat! Anyway, I enjoyed yoour entry, I hope you don't mind if I continue to read you!