Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Count Down The Days

Joseph is all about counting down the days. We have a Calander in the kitchen every night we count down the days till Christmas and every gets a hershy kiss. Today he said "what is the number today" as he pointed to the December calander "The second Joe" I said.
"Ok it's not too far to the number 2 number 5 day is it mama" sigh. "No honey it's not"

I have a lot to do as always. I know, I am working on that. I dont think anything as far as cards or shopping can happen until after the 16th. I'll be done with this semester (And I shall dance a jig) and then I can do all that needs to be done.

But today I did do something small and you can do it too. Derek's school is having a food/toy/coat drive. We have already donated a coat and a blanket. While I was at the store they had green beans and corn for .55 cents a can. I got a can of each and $1.98 box of cereal and put it in the boys food drive. It cost me less than $5.00 to do and it will help a family out. If we all just pick up an extra can of food every time we shop we can really help those less fortunate than us and there are lots of them out there this year.

Ok I am off to drive to class in the fog. Ugh!

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