Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Ok budgets are tight and it's difficult to even think about all the wrappings (trappings?) of Christmas. I feel it may be a slim year in the way of Christmas cards. But if you're feeling jolly then join in and see how you do in the (Big growly announcers voice) Giardina Family Holiday Card contest.
All participants must be received at my house by Dec 26th to be eligible. Cards with gifts of money and or gift cards will not be given extra consideration. (I swear)
Every year we pick winners in the different categories it's big fun for us. Send those cards and letters now!


Anonymous said...

Too funny... last night I was working on Christmas cards an I told Ryan I had to send you guys a cute one so we would make the blog! :)

Speaking of Christmas cards... did you get the photos I uploaded of you guys to


Christy Z. said...

I really think we should get a special "newlywed of the year" nomination. Wait till you see our cards :)

Ellen said...

Do e-mail cards count? :)