Monday, December 29, 2008

Have you been to any Bass Pro Shops? Ever? Check it out. Well, we aren't really what you could call "outdoors men" but Derek got a BB gun for Christmas and we needed BB's for it. We were on our way to the movies so we stopped by our local BPS (sniff)
What a store. Not really my cup of tea but if you're into fishing and huntin and sleeping outdoors this is the place for you. For me...not so much. Joseph loved the ATV's and jeeps and Derek was digging the stuffed...stuff. Boys what can you do?
So now we are armed and ready to shoot our eyes out... I mean shoot at some targets. I think Derek has that military weapon thing in his blood. We come from a long line
of military men on both sides of our family. I wouldn't be surprised if my weapons boy and the things he knows doesn't go the military route. He'll have to toughen up a bit before he heads to any boot camp but I can tell he digs all that stuff.

Besides the Bass Pro Shop (am I saying that right?) we went to the movies and saw Bed Time Stories with Adam Sandler. Loved it. Such a good movie. We all really liked it and there are a few really good movies coming out too. It was a nice afternoon of popcorn, movies and BB gun stuff. Then Dom filled my inner girlie need and took us out to dinner for our annual Olive Garden trip. Now I am stuffed and ready for bed.
Get ready for the New Year... it's coming. Are you ready?

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