Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Me again.

This is the boy from the Twilight movies. He was also in the Harry Potter movie. There is much disturbance among the universe because he cut his hair off. I think he could be in a paper sack and totally bald and still be a hottie...but that's just me. Cool down girlies.


Anonymous said...

i don't really know from the twilight books/movies..but i appreciate the buzz cut :)

Jill Dose said...

Erin is crazy into the Twilight series. She got the books for Xmas and the soundtrack. From one of her teeny bopper magazines she told me that she read about how this Pattison fellow wanted to cut his hair. I felt so trendy to point out that I learned from your blog that he already did it! Thanks for keeping me in the loop (so I could impress her).