Friday, December 26, 2008

The Second Annual Giardina Christmas Card Winners!

Here you go. These are this years winners. We received lots of really great cards from friends and family near and far. It was so nice to read them all. Thank you so much to everyone that sent a card. We love cards here!

Our first category is for all of the picture cards we received.

Honorable mention goes to The Arena's. Dominic's cousin Steve and his family. We loved that this was no doubt taken at their cabin. (I ripped the card it didn't come that way.)

Third Place goes to my cousin Christy and her new husband Tony. This picture was taken at their wedding by my cousin Ryan's wife Whitney. Look, every one's a winner.

Second place goes to my friend Shauna. We liked the hats and we liked the snowmen on the bottom of the card matches the total number of family members in her family.

First Place goes to the Castros. It's a Christmasy card we loved the tree in the background and Derek and Dom really liked the writing. They said it matches the Castro's.

In our funny card category long time family friend Tom Valkos wins. Dominic and Derek loved this card!

In the traditional holiday card category long time family friend Maurine Castro wins with her snowy church card. Again, Dominic and Derek loved this card.

Jennifer Mendoza and her "homemade" card won our overall seasonal best card. She loves making homemade cards. She gets extra crazy points for this. Loved the family photo she enclosed along with it.

My Aunt Sue won in the snowman category. Yes we had a separate category for that because there were so many! Dominic loved her message inside that said she hopes our car has a better 2009. Amen Auntie Amen!

This card won in our Santa category. Nothing like a traditional Santa card. This card came from Dominic's aunt Lillian.

Thanks to everyone that sent a card. We loved them all. Congratulations to all of our winners.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! The Giardinas.


Anonymous said...

Third place..WooHoo! We'll be sure to share our winnings with Whitney :)
-The Z's

Balancing Act; Jenn said...

Thanks Tamm! Love that you do this. I swear, I might steal this next year. I so do love it. Cards are the best. I think I must have worked at Hallmark in another life. I think it all just has to do with Christmas and that's why I get all giddy. Thanks for mentioning me too! :)

Love to you.

Anonymous said...

And ummm you forgot to mention the photo credit on the Jardna card this year... HELLO!! :)

Haha... just kidding!

Missed you guys this year... hope you had a great holiday.