Saturday, December 20, 2008

Random stuff for a Saturday.

I am not sure if my Joe is sick or tired or what. Today his right hand it tight and stiff. Tighter and stiffer than usual. This is his new glove. We can get the left one on just fine, the right one we cannot. I cannot. He and I cannot. It's tough on any given day to put his gloves on his right hand but today it's just not happening. These are the days I feel bad. These are the days I get mad. These are the days he starts to question why this stupid hand won't work. We have talked to his doctors about it and it's time to talk to Joseph about it and tell him about the stroke and his hand so we have in pieces that he can understand. He like me is mad about it some days. Those are the days I see more of me in him and less of his daddy. Luckily he has just enough of his daddy in him to be pretty upbeat about it most of the time. But not today with that stupid glove. So we'll play inside today restaurant with plastic waffles and pickles. We'll watch movies and leave the stupid gloves on the counter. Big brother will play outside and when it warms up enough not to need that stupid glove we'll go out too. We just don't feel like dealing with stiff fingers and wrists today.

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