Friday, December 05, 2008


If you're not familiar with the story you can read it here.
In My Town

I don't know the whole story. None of us do. We only know what we have read and what we have read is unbelievable. This sort of thing has never happened in our town before. This sort of thing should never happen. Period. There is no excuse for what was done to this boy and for what the other children in this house have witnessed.
Rarely does anything in the paper make me sick to my stomach but this story certainly does. So close to my home. Places I have been. People I might have passed on the street. People that I know that know these people. I don't know what kind of people they are. They are saying the mother of the boy almost bullied them into being cruel to the boy. I don't buy that. It's called growing some balls and doing the right thing. What was going on exactly is hard to fathom. It all just makes me sick.
I pray for that boy. So scared and so alone in this world. Longing for a family and someone, anyone to love him. He needs help and lots of it and I hope he gets all that he needs.

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