Friday, December 05, 2008

Plates or Platters

I am not sure if we women have more on our plates than our mothers did or our grandmothers did. Maybe we have bigger plates. I don't know where it all went crazy for my generation but here we are. Yesterday I had a big test. I had a few things to do and an appointment, before the test and these are the days the realtor calls. So we looked at a house and I got that "I think I am going to throw up feeling" which to my realtor is always a good sign. It means put on offer on it so the paperwork is flying once more. She tells us to sleep on it. Right. Those are the nights we sleep the least. Will it happen this time? Not sure.

So today my plate feels a little less full. With every ticking minute I find things that can or need to get done with this extra time. tick, tock. I could do this and get that done and I could squeeze this in and it's not even 9 am and a day that looked and felt maybe not so busy So I called Dom (oh master of empty plates) and spooned a good heaping load on to him. Done. Good.

While I wanted to put off studying for my finals I feel that maybe I should try to crack the book today while the brain cells are still warm from the test. Ugh. I am so ready for a break and I scaled back next semester yesterday on the advice of my counselor at school. While I want to finish it up and be done. I need to really look at what I got going on and do my best and just finish it over the summer.

So as I did my load of laundry and made the beds and did the dishes all before 8 am thoughts of my grandmother came to mind. I missed her today. Today would be one of those days I would try to call her back when she could talk on the phone easily. I would have asked her how she liked my cookies. She could always tell what you put too much off or too little of. I am getting close to making them just like her's. Joseph thinks I should try again and I agree. So we shall later. I know with 8 kids my grandmother must have been busy. I know my mom being a working mom must have been busy. Must have had plates full of things. While I am happy to have a happy full plate sometimes I just want to set it down for a day or have some one hold it for me and me not spend the time thinking about the darn plate. I am working on it. Living in the now. Doing less. I am. Just not today... I am to busy to work on that project!

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