Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I live in a house full of boys. Usually that makes me the queen and it's all good. But sometimes it's stinky socks and sweaty heads and well you know other stinky boy stuff. Sometimes it's boy humor. Slap stick comedy stuff that sends them (even daddy I am talking about him when I say boys) in to fits of laughter.
The other night I was TRYING to read my book in bed and Derek and Daddy were cutting up and joking in the most ridiculous manner.
So here are few of the silly things these boys of mine have been saying lately.

Joe: Mama we learned about Marvin Wooferking today. He died cooking and helping people and we get his birthday off next week but he died.
(Translation: We learned about Martin Luther King and he died. He helped people. (I have no idea where the cooking comes from) and they get a holiday from school)

Joe: If boys have peni's what do girls have? Isn't it a China? So you say "Oh My China" when you get hit there? Right mama?
(Translation: Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina. When you get hit in your vagina you say Oh my Vagina)

Derek: Mama you know how you have a gamertag on Xbox Live and when you kill someone it says your gamer tag just killed so and so. Wouldn't it be hecka funny if your name was fuzzy bunny and then it would say "Fuzzy Bunny is online" and then it would say "You killed fuzzy bunny" or "Fuzzy Bunny killed you" or "How about Your Mom could be your name and then it would say Your mom just killed you wouldn't that be funny?"
and by this point he and daddy are laughing so hard they are all red faced and breathing all weird and the names continued for at least a half an hour. (Dirty spoon or soapy water or your right foot etc etc)

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Keri and Jason said...

Like you, I'm in a household of boys and know quite a bit about the 'stinky boy stuff'. However, two of my three don't talk yet. My 3.5 year old has cerebral palsy and is non-verbal, then my youngest is 20 months and in the beginning phases of putting words together. Conversation I'm looking forward too. They say the darnest things, don't they?