Monday, January 12, 2009

Introducing Emma

This is Emma. Joseph's e-stem machine or muscle stimulator. We are starting with 10 minutes a day twice a day, three times a week. Let me give you an idea of what this machine can do. At a setting of 7 our therapist felt her muscles and was fatigued the next day. At an 8 Derek said "Turn it off!" In order to really get a really good reading on Joe. To really get his hand in a neutral position we had to bump it up 14. He was NOT happy. But to see his hand moving all about in ways we don't normal see was pretty amazing. I hope this machine can give his muscles in that hand a work out they don't normal get. I hope they can get the mucsles memory we are looking for.
This could mean great mobility for him.

Today we packed and packed. I am exhausted. Plus we gave our notice to our landlord. Baby bye bye. Plus now all the neighbor kids know we are moving and they want to know why. Poor things they are going to miss us and my snacks and our toys.

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Keri and Jason said...

Wow, talk about learning something new every day... I've heard of the e-stem machine, but never have seen one nor heard it explained like this. It makes much more sense now. I have a son that is spastic quad CP. Now I have a million questions.... What therapist suggested this? OT or PT? Curiosity has the best of me.