Saturday, January 03, 2009

Crash, boom H#((

Today was another pajama day. Ho hum. My mom came over and played the Wii with the boys for a bit. She's pretty good but the game can be a bit frustrating at times and she let a little word slip out when she asked "What the hell just happened?" and it left Joseph in a state of shock to her her say that. (Like he's never heard anyone curse before? Yeah right!)

After Nana left the boys and I settled down to watch the home and garden channel. Joseph escaped to Derek's room to watch Spongebob and Derek and sat and watched a bathroom be remolded. Derek's room is a Nerf fort with boxes and Nerf targets all over the place. I heard a crash and Joseph yelled "MAMA" and I expected to see him at the bottom of a Nerf pile. I got up and walked towards Derek room. Joseph yells "Mama Help ME!" and I am on my way. Then he starts to cry and I pick up the pace to find him in his room under his dresser that has fallen and everything that was on top of the dresser on top of him.

He wanted to get dressed and has naked from the waist down and had pulled all the drawers out and the dresser came crashing down on him complete with Derek's Coast Guard Lego set in million pieces now on top of him and a cup of water. So we pulled everything off of him and I checked all of his parts. He seemed ok just scared more than anything. He wanted to me call 991 and call daddy and take him to the hospital to be checked out but no shots. I told him he was ok and we didn't need to do all of that. So we got him dressed and Derek didn't kill him for crashing the Lego structure like I think he was afraid he would and all was well.

A few hours later Daddy comes home and Joseph runs out to him and says "I have something big to tell him" and I expected the big crash to be the story of the day. Oh no, he said "Daddy, Nana was here and played Wii with us and she said Hell!"

Yup Nana he told on you. I told Joseph she was going to go home and put a bar of soap in her mouth like Ralphie did in the Christmas story movie.

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