Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It's just a wii injury

We have really been enjoying the Wii Santa Nana brought us for Christmas. We play it every day and every night. My neck and shoulder was bugging me and then Derek started complaining about his neck and then it hit me we have some Wii injuries. Well today Joseph got the mother of all Wii injuries. I was bowling with him and plopped himself down directly behind me and took a good powerful swing right to the lip. UGH. He didn't know what to do? Now he has a bit of a fat lip. sigh.

I spent the afternoon in Joe's class today. I also dig that. But today I wanted to bonk some kids heads together like coconuts. I could go off(and I might some day later but now right now) about how some kids require a lot of attention and praise. Do they get TOO much at home? Or not enough?
I am not in the mood to go into inter district transfer thing either. Nor am I in the mood to talk about our fine governor and where his kids go to school. Do they got to public schools or private? Just wondering.

I am in the mood for a taco so I am off to make those. Maybe I"ll be in a better mood later...maybe not.

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