Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Oh I wish...

I was a morning person. I wish my children were too. I am really going to work on this. It's so hard to get up in the morning and get the children ready. Especially when it's cold and gray outside and I don't even know gray and cold compared to the Mid West and other parts of the country. Dominic was home yesterday so he got up and got Derek ready but today it was all me baby. We made it and it wasn't too bad.

I enjoy night time activities, I enjoy staying up and watching hockey games and playing Wii with the boys. I enjoy a 6 pm dinner. It's been rough getting back into the groove this week. It's been rough getting to bed and to sleep before 10:30 but we're working on it. It's a process. Baby steps.
Derek and I agree that school and "life" should start about 9 or 10 am.
So what if the work day isn't over until 6 I am good with that. No use complaining, just have to adjust.

In other news after making several phone calls the insurance company isn't any closer to finding the lady that hit our car than they were on November 6. So I wrote her a letter and I will hand it to her today and tell her she needs to call my insurance company today. No reason I can't just speak to her about it. Perhaps she's overlooked it well it's a new year and time to take care of this. I shall remind her several times a week (I made copies) until she does. The DA isn't going to do anything and even small claims won't help because I wasn't in the car. So learn this my friend someone can do whatever they want to anything you own and if you don't see them do it with your own eyes (Even if you have witnesses) chances are they are going to get off scott free and without payment. This is the second time this has happened to us and even if we had the extra coverage on our insurance for hit and run or uninsured motorist coverage we would have to provide the lic number and driver information in order for the coverage to kick in so what good does that do?
I am a bit disgruntled about it and Dom is VERY disgruntled about it and I am tired of saying "It's out of our hands" I see her everyday and she owes me $500 and I am going to at least try to collect it. She's going to have to get up pretty early in the morning to out smart me... at least before 9...for now and I am working on that too!

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