Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mad as heck.

My mom and dad have worked hard for everything they have. They still work to help others out. They are generous yet pretty smart with their money.
They have invested wisely, made pretty good money decisions and have done well for themselves over the years and today I think they are pretty comfortable as they sit in their 60's (sorry mom that birthday is coming).

Recently they learned that someone stole some account information of theirs and charged miscellaneous items in their name. To the tune of nearly $20,000. Never has anything ever happened to them. My mother's former employer Bank of America, a company she gave a lot of herself to for 23 years, has said that after an extensive investigation (a whole 5 days) that the charges made in South Dakota a state neither of my parents have ever been to are in fact theirs and they will not be reversed from their account.
Rarely have I seen my mother so mad.
If you think the Yellow Hummer lady made me MAD wait till you see what will happen to Bank of America, the person who did this and anyone else that crosses my mothers path when all of this is over.
Should Bank of America refuse to reverse these charges Dominic and I will be pulling our account out of a bank I have been a customer of my whole life. I encourage you to do the same. Protect yourself. This is an account my folks do not have a credit card for, they do not write checks on, this information was stolen. Check your own credit reports you can do it for free online. My mom and dad are very careful and still this happened to them. It's not right for someone to steal from them like this. Plain and simple.
I am waiting for Bank of America to do the right thing. I am waiting for them to take care of my mom like she took care of them. If not, I hope you will join me and find another bank to give you business to. I"ll keep you updated on this. We are giving them a chance to make this right. The ball is in their court now.

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Anonymous said...

Tammy............I stop doing my banking with this bank 40 years ago. I didn't think it was ang good then.......phil