Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Plans and mishaps.

The hockey game was fun. It was a very late night. The kids were/are will forever be grumpy about the whole thing. But how often do you get to sit in the first and third row at a hockey game and then hang out in the club section? Cousin Mark pulled out a wonderful evening as only Cousin Mark can and it all turned out well. In spite of a crazy ticket mishap. Our tickets were refunded and reissued to someone else so we all showed up trying to sit in the same seats but the refund was not refunded my cousins company. So we had to adjust fire and hang out in the club house. Poor us I know.
So a crazy late night has the boys home today (bad mommy I know) because they are so darn grumpy there is no way I could unleash this at school. They would have been behaved I am sure but... I made my choice and there you go. I have learned my lesson. No hockey games on school nights no matter where the seats are. Period. Final. I am paying for it today.
So the landlord is on he way to look at the state of the house. How wonderful. So I have two crazy boys, a house in a state and a landlord on the way. Seems like a good time to slip and fall on the wet floor in the bathroom and bruise up my both elbows.sigh.
But hopefully my landlord days will soon be over.
Back to packing, cleaning and feeding the boys.

Sitting in the third row from the glass will spoil a girl.

Sitting in the club section will spoil a girl and her son too.

Seeing Doug Wilson walk by (well Dom did stinker!) and Curtis Brown's picture on the wall makes a girl happy. (No I didn't kiss it I swear!)

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Anonymous said...

umm, as a teacher..i would like to say NOOOO! better to deal with grumpy kids then getting them to make up a day of missed work. :) -CZ