Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's never easy.

Nothing you really want ever comes easily. At least for me it doesn't.
Rarely does anything ever just fall into my lap.
Like this house buying thing. We are working with really great people. I feel well taken care of in terms of our lender and our realtor. I feel like we are down to the final hours and they want to look at my life with a microscope and I just don't feel like my life is very pretty for that type of thing. I feel like gee haven't we already done this part? I thought we were all set and good to go? They want to know where every dime and penny has gone in the last 6 months and I am not happy about that. sigh. So I am jumping through hoops and faxing everything. Could you just take my right arm instead I think that would be less painful for me. I hope it all goes well. I hope this goes through. sigh.
It all can't go wrong now can it?

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donna said...

Tammy ~ I definitely remember that feeling. In April when we bought our current home, we were jumping through the hoops too. Even after the signing of loan docs, we had given them almost all of our available cash and after signing but before funding we had to come up with a payoff notice for credit card. It was hard coming up with that money, it meant that we didn't have a moving service, we did it slowly over many trips back and forth. Good luck, I'll be thinking good thoughts for you! Hang in there..