Friday, January 16, 2009

A tip for ya.

Today was not as busy as most are for me but I was off and running this afternoon none the less. Joseph has to send a project to school that is a poster of 100 things. He wants to do 100 hockey pucks. Not going to happen unless I can find something to resemble a hockey puck. Any ideas and Christy and Whitney I am talking to you.
I went to Michaels and Staples looking for something we could use that my boy would like. Then I ran into Wal Mart to get some pens for school and I grabbed some sudafed for this headache I have had since last night. I get in the car with my soda that was just ice at this point and proceed to put the sudafed in my mouth driving down the road. The ice had not melted and I had nothing for the sudafed to melt with. NOTE; This was not the tiny red sudafed tab this was the Wal Mart brand headache relief one so 2 tabs melting in my mouth but not going any where! I tried to melt an ice cube in my mouth with the tabs but it was just making it all a gooey mess. I am making gaggy faces and trying to figure out what to do. I ran into 7-11 and grabbed the first drink I could find opened it and chugged it down. I told the clerk (a girl I went to high school with) what had happened and we had a good laugh. I will NEVER do that again. That was nasty.
My head is much better now but my taste buds are still angry with me.


Anonymous said...

Maybe just black foam circles and a little sticker for the center? Although it may just look like a record?? And it will be really flat. You could have him do pucks and sticks... and use those bendy straws for the stick... just trim it up a bit, maybe paint it??

I think uber budget... so this may be too chincy for your taste :) We have to make every penny count in camp! :)

Good luck with that!

therextras said...

I don't think they are very expensive - buy boxes of lids for canning jars. They come in two pieces, meaning you would have to glue them together and then glue them on the board (or paint them first). Anyway, it's what came to my mind. Barbara

Anonymous said...

a hundred pennies glued on in his initials, when the project gets sent home he has a dollar to spend.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

LOL thanks for the tip! :)

Anonymous said...

I thought about something close to what Whit said. Bendy straws for the sticks is a good idea..but def paint them first! What's his favorite hockey team? Maybe he could do something with their mascot...stickers, cut-outs. My kids are turning their's in next week..I'll have more ideas then!!